The Balloon Brothers Tumble Top Spectacular!

Now available from Charlie Dog Games…


A match three game with a twist!
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Match three balloons to set them free them from their inflated incarceration. Spin the board to find new matches and make long combination’s of moves to score big points bonuses. Keep an eye on the combo meters for even more points. But watch out for the evil skull balloons otherwise you might slip up and lose the game!

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As the game goes on more game modes unlock and become available such as the frantic “Action Mode” and the quirky “Skull Breaker”. The game features quality graphics, great music, sound effects and finely honed game-play combined with a funny story. It’s another great addition to the CDG games stable.

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Download the free game from here. It’s fully compatible with Vista and XP.

Only available from Charlie Dog Games
Download it free from here

Another match three game? Well yes! But this one is different. Spinning the board is a really important strategic part of the game and lots of fun to play with! The graphics, courtesy of my good friend Ed Orman, are great too and the characters funny and beautifully drawn. Please have a go at the game and if you have fun, or if you don’t for that matter, let me know what you think.

Linux and Mac versions should be along shortly courtesy of Tweeler.

Click on the link below to see a movie of me playing the game!