About Us

Charlie Dog Games is a new Australian company dedicated to producing games for the PC casual games market. The company is run by industry veteran Tony Oakden who has nearly 20 years of experience producing computer games.Tony is one of the few people in the games industry whose gaming career stretches over three decades. His experience began with developing small scale projects entirely on his own, then onto working in a programming team working on the leading consoles, right through to managing the large teams required to produce today’s AAA titles. He uses his considerable experience in producing quality games today.

Why the name Charlie Dog? Charlie was Tony’s dog when he lived in the UK. Charlie was happy to be a dog and totally unpretentious about it. He didn’t want to be a cat; he didn’t want to be a person; he just knew who he was – a dog. Charlie was at his happiest when fetching balls, rearranging sticks, chasing rabbits and chewing someone’s underwear or shoes.

We want our games company to be like Charlie the Dog, well, maybe not the chewing of underwear or shoes – but the whole unpretentious thing. Charlie Dog Games makes games – pure and simple. Charlie Dog Games doesn’t do simulations, make engines, develop interactive stories and definitely not sandpits where players can ‘make their own fun’. We are not interested in ‘building communities’ or building our own intellectual property. We’d like to get rich, but only if we can do it by doing what we love. We focus on making cool original games that people enjoy playing! We hope you enjoy playing the games too – watch out for new titles and let us know what you think.

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