Cuba Letra

Now available from Charlie Dog Games…


A new type of word game with a fun and funky Latin American theme!

It combines mental and physical dexterity to challenge players ability to make words against the clock. It’s great fun for all ages with an easy mode that children can play or a harder mode that will challenge even the most literate adults!


It’s innovative, fun and it’s free from CDG! It features quality graphics, great music and sound effects combined with highly polished game play and carefully designed extra features to keep players entertained for hours. Cuba Letra sets a new standard in terms of quality free games.


Download the free game from here. It’s fully compatible with Vista and XP and comes with Italian, Dutch and Spanish dictionaries installed ready to play.

Only available from Charlie Dog Games
Download it free from here

Here at Charlie Dog we spend a lot of time trying to think up new ideas for games. Some of them (like my idea to combine a love of cheese, cycling and Michael Buble) don’t work out. But others, like the idea to combine Zuma with Bookworm work extremely well. So why not download this great little game and try to beat the current high scores?

The Linux version of the game is available for our good friends at here

The Mac version is also available from here

click the link below to see a demonstration of the first three levels of the game: